Vanquis Advert

Vanquis Credit Card Advert Guide Price – £4800 This was a fun project to do, and required the help of my apprentice Paul! I was asked to create at very short notice, a figure carved from the top half of a log. The figure needed to look like the character from the advert, which parodied … Read more

Home is Where the Art is

Home is Where the Art is – TV appearance Guide Price – £1000 I was asked by the BBC to take part in a new series called Home is Where the Art is.The show is a new format and looks at three artists in each episode, competing to win a commission from a mystery buyer. … Read more

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones

Game of Chainsaws! Guide Price – £6000 (If wood needs supplying) It’s not every day you get an email asking you to be one of 18 artists selected to promote the final season of a TV series as big as Game of Thrones, and when it happened, if I’d been sitting on a chair I … Read more

Dragon of Bethesda

Dragon of Bethesda by simon o'rourke

Territorial Dragon! Guide Price – £25,000 (If wood needs supplying) I quoted for a sculpture which looked to be a great opportunity. A large oak branch had fallen from a tree in Tregarth, near Bethesda. When I say branch it doesn’t sound that big, but this was a branch around 30 inches in diameter! The … Read more

The Giant Hand Of Vyrnwy

Giant Hand of Vyrnwy – a single giant hand in an existing tree stump. Height – 50ft total including tree stump. Guide Price – £20,000 I found out through a friend that the tallest tree in Wales had been storm damaged and was due to be felled, and that Natural Resource Wales who were in … Read more

The Monks Of Monksbridge

Monks of Monksbridge – 6 life-size figures. Example cost for a similar sculpture set – £36,000 I was contacted by the client and asked to create 6 life-size medieval monks to be placed in the 3 acre garden of his house, “Monksbridge”. It was an exciting project to undertake as I have a real passion … Read more

Steak of the Art

Steak of the Art – Comprising of multi-part dining booths in 3 restaurants. Example cost for a similar sculpture – £10,000 – £14,000 I was approached by a Gallery owner in Knutsford back in 2011 who was in charge of the interior design of a brand new type of restaurant. The concept was simple, a … Read more

Viking Raid

Viking Raid, Huskycup 2016

Viking Raid, 3 characters Example cost for a similar sculpture – £12,000 This was a competition piece and I still consider this one of my best works. The competition in question was the Huskycup, held each year in a small village called Mulda, near Dresden in Germany. The brief was simple: “Vikings attack an English village.” … Read more

Spirit of Ecstasy

Spirit of Ecstasy , a 17ft tall tree stump carved into the iconic form. Example cost for a similar sculpture – £20000 (with wood supplied) This was one of my most challenging sculptures to date. The client had the most wonderful old oak tree that had unfortunately died. The tree surgeon who took the tree … Read more

Meadow Park Sculpture Trail

Meadow Park Sculpture Trail – 9 sculptures of varying sizes Example cost for a similar sculpture – £15,000 – £25,000 This project was initiated by a community group who had secured Tesco bags funding for me to make the sculpture trail. It was great fun to do! It gave me a chance to exercise some … Read more