Game of Thrones

Game of Chainsaws!

Guide Price – £6000 (If wood needs supplying)

It’s not every day you get an email asking you to be one of 18 artists selected to promote the final season of a TV series as big as Game of Thrones, and when it happened, if I’d been sitting on a chair I may well have fallen off!

Dragon mouth sculpture

I received an email from a marketing agency in New York, with the strange enquiry, “We’d like you to be involved in a project for one of our clients, but we need you to sign this NDA first!”

As a fan of the show it made my day as you can imagine, and was made even better by the brief. HBO wanted to use fans of the show who in following the series had produced artwork based on the characters and themes.

The brief was simple, I was to receive a prop from the original series and design something around it. My prop was the dragon eggs, and their request was that I design a display casing for the eggs as if they were being presented to Daenerys for the first time.

Whether this means something to you or not, Game of Thrones is the most popular series of its kind in the world, and has a huge following, meaning at the very least, my name and my work are being promoted to a huge audience!

Game of Thrones eggs photo gallery

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