Home is Where the Art is – TV appearance

Home is Where the Art is – TV appearance

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I was asked by the BBC to take part in a new series called Home is Where the Art is.
The show is a new format and looks at three artists in each episode, competing to win a commission from a mystery buyer.

The three artists meet at the buyers house and receive a brief and a budget. For the episode I was involved in, I was pitted against a stainless steel sculptor and an acrylic pet portrait painter. Three very different mediums!

The brief was to create something that captured the spirit and form of the buyer’s beloved horse, ‘Dragon’. We all got to snoop around the buyer’s house to get a feel for the kind of things they might like. We also got to meet Dragon, which gave us all a flavour of his temperament and form.

Each of us went away after this and were asked to come up with a two minute pitch, which was filmed at a studio in Manchester. The buyer then chose two artists to create the artwork they had pitched, and come back in a few weeks to present the artwork to the buyer. The buyer would then choose one to buy!

Nick Knowles is the host of the show, and made us feel really comfortable, and the buyer threw a couple of curveballs in by asking if any of us would be happy to change our designs! Now the episode has been aired, I can reveal the chosen commission was the stainless steel sculpture by Claire Bigger. She and I were chosen to actually create the artwork, and you can see what I created here. The buyer Delyse had a really difficult time choosing between us, but I feel she made a great choice, as I would have chosen Claire’s work!

Catch up with the whole series on BBC IPlayer!

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