Batman: The Caped Crusader

Batman: Batman – Single life-size figure on plinth

Example cost for a similar sculpture – £7.000

I was approached by Phil Jackson, a local business owner based nearby in Wrexham, and asked to come up with a sculpture that would create a buzz and draw attention to the property he was looking to sell, whilst demonstrating the power of social media as a promotional tool. He wanted something current that would make an impact within the community, and on the Wrexham skyline. Together we decided upon the idea of The Bat!

Starting with a 7-foot section of Redwood, I began to carve out the initial crouched outline of The Caped Crusader. Once I had roughly shaped the sculpture, I was able to switch machinery and begin working on the intricate details that included the renowned stern expression, and the ripples of the cloak. Once the sculpting was complete, I then accentuated the features and shadow areas by burning the necessary areas, giving the finished piece an atmospheric look.

Phil was delighted with how the sculpture turned out. He said, “It’s a great way to highlight the power of social media and also help us promote our property. Simon has done some incredible to work to bring Batman to Wrexham!”

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