The Guardian

The Guardian – Single lion sculpture, slightly larger than life-size Example cost for a similar sculpture – £8000 No, not the newspaper, this was a project to raise awareness for the charity organisation, BornFree. I was contacted by a photographer called Maria Slough, who was producing a photographic exhibition called Pawtraits. the premise of the exhibition … Read more


Batman: Batman – Single life-size figure on plinth Example cost for a similar sculpture – £7.000 I was approached by Phil Jackson, a local business owner based nearby in Wrexham, and asked to come up with a sculpture that would create a buzz and draw attention to the property he was looking to sell, whilst … Read more

Ruby the Owl and her Sculpture Trail!

This week we installed an entire sculpture trail!! This isn’t just any sculpture trail, it follows a story as you move from one sculpture to another. I was commissioned by the Friends Of Meadow Park to create a sculpture trail, funded by Tesco Bags Funding! I decided to write a unique children’s story and illustrate … Read more

Pretty as a Painted Fish

Here at Blokus Wood Carving Festival, Harry Thomas and I have put the finishing touches to a giant anglerfish sculpture. It may not be the prettiest fish in the pond, but it certainly meets the theme of world’s wildest animals. This particular piece got a couple of special additions: white painted teeth and a glow-in-the-dark … Read more