Seven Helpful Tips for Making a Living as an Artist

In 2022 Matthew Crabbe and I opened The Titan Arcadia Gallery under the banner of Titan Arcadia. We have a vision that through the gallery, we will showcase, encourage, equip and inspire both current and aspiring artists. Part of fulfilling that vision is that we’ll be host seminars and workshops utilising both of our experiences … Read more

Lord of the Rings Book Sculpture

Chainsaw carvers Simon O'Rourke and Matthew Crabb stand with their finished Lord of the Rings Book sculpture, a collaborative project. The sculpture is a 10' open book (carved with elfish text) with a hand and quill writing on the page. A 4' sculpture of frodo baggins stands on the other page, and a sculpture of gollum is crawling out from underneath the book.

Over the jubilee weekend, Simon took part in a lovely carving event. Working as Titan Arcadia, he and fellow carver Matt Crabb created a stunning sculpture at the Burghley Game & Country Show. Keep reading for the full story behind the incredible Lord of the Rings book sculpture they made…     What is Titan … Read more