Unique Centrepiece Sculptures for a Zoo Charity Dinner

I think it’s fair to say that my best known sculptures are pretty big! Dragon of Bethesda, Giant Hand of Vyrnwy, Powis Castle Wyverns – they’re all BIG! However, did you know that not all my pieces are so large? I recently had a commission for some unique centrepiece sculptures for a charity dinner at … Read more

Helpful Tips for Creating Drapery on a Chainsaw Carved Sculpture

love leading the pilgrim sculptures by simon o'rourke

Drapery has always been a pursuit of perfection for artists, particularly sculptors. Crafted well, drapery can add feel and emotion to sculpture, and I’m always aspiring to get it right. That’s right, I said “aspiring”. I’m still learning! Although I’m still looking to improve my craft, there are some things I’ve learned from over a decade … Read more

Six Chainsaw Carving Sculptures to See in Scotland

It’s been amazing to travel so much as part of my career as an artist. I’m often invited to different parts of the Uk (and even overseas) to transform dead or damaged trees into beautiful sculptures. I also frequently transport sculptures around the country that I make in the studio. What an honour!One day I’ll … Read more

Helpful Tips for Carving Hands

The Giant Hand of Vyrnwy is, without a doubt, my best-known sculpture. It’s basically what the name suggests; a 50′ hand carved into a storm-damaged tree on the Vyrnwy estate.In 2022, I also created something similar in Allai (Sardinia) called A Hand Between Sky and Earth. Add to those the countless sculptures of people that … Read more