Six Chainsaw Carving Sculptures to See in Scotland

It’s been amazing to travel so much as part of my career as an artist. I’m often invited to different parts of the Uk (and even overseas) to transform dead or damaged trees into beautiful sculptures. I also frequently transport sculptures around the country that I make in the studio. What an honour!
One day I’ll have a google map showing them all. Until then, I’m writing blogs that help people find my sculptures in their area. My first focuses on some of my chainsaw carving sculptures in Wales. And now, in this second blog, here are six chainsaw carving sculptures to see in Scotland.

map showing location of six chainsaw carving sculptures to see in scotland created by simon o'rourke
Location of my sculptures in Scotland


I’m starting with the sculpture that’s furthest south and closest to the English border: Queen of the South footballers.

You can read more about the sculpture on my Queen of the South blog. In short though, it’s a tribute to the club’s history featuring three players. You can find it outside the Queen of the South stadium (Palmerston Park) in Dumfries.

Photo showing the unveiling of Simon O'Rourke's Queen of the South sculpture - one of six chainsaw carving sculptures to see in Scotland
Stephen Dobbie & club officials at the sculpture unveiling


The second of my sculptures to see in Scotland is in the town of Peebles, about an hour south of Edinburgh. This one is a portrait of Scottish explorer Mungo Park.
Park was born in Peebles and it’s a fitting sculpture to help share the history of the town.

a photo of a life size wooden carving of mungo park. the sculpture is in the artist's studio and appears to be sitting reading a book. one of the sculptures to see in scotland by simon o'rourke
My sculpture of Mungo Park is installed in his home town of Peebles


I’ve listed these sculptures in a route you can logically follow on a road trip. So, after seeing Mungo Park, leave Peebles, travel through Edinburgh and keep going north-west to Dunfermline.
One of my sculptures is in Townhill Country Park which is a beautiful spot for a walk. Like my other sculptures to see in Scotland, this one was commissioned to help reflect the history of the area. There’s actually a sculpture trail in the park, but this is the only one by me. All the other sculptures are made by talented artist Peter Bowsher.

I’d actually forgotten about this one, but the week before writing this blog, my wife Liz and I ran into a couple from Dunfermline in a pub and they came and chatted to us about it! A fun coincidence!

tree carving sculpture of a scottish couple circa 1900


The next of my sculptures to see in Scotland is a real ‘Blast from the Past’! And this time it’s a trail!
More specifically, it’s my Alice in Wonderland trail – a series of sculptures featuring characters from the Lewis Carroll classic. You’ll find the trail in West Links Park Arbroath, about 30 minutes west of Dundee.
West Links also has loads of other activites for ther family – refrshments, crazy golf, paddling pool, trampolines and more!

montage of alice in wonderland sculptures by chainsaw carver simon o'rourke


If you drove from sculpture no 1 to sculptures no 4, you’d have probably driven about 4.5 hours – pretty reasonable for a driving holiday/tour of Scotland, right? Well, the next two will take you all the way north west across the country and on a ferry to the Outer Hebrides!

That’s because my next sculptures are on the Isle of Lewis in the capital, Stornaway. I have two sculptures installed here: the carriage driver at Lews Castle and a lady carrying a keel of peat in the town centre.

If you’re up for venturing this far, the Outer Hebrides are stunning. I believe you’ll need to drive to Ullapool and catch a ferry, although Stornoway does also have an airport.

However you get there, if you do make it that far, do tag me in your photos of the sculptures so I can see them!


And that concludes my current list of sculptures to see in Scotland!

I set them out here in the most logical route if you wanted to try and visit them all. It’s quite the trip though! Google says it’s about 11 hours of driving, but that doesn’t take into account timing with the ferry.

Is a sculpture-viewing road trip something that would interest you? Drop a comment and let me know!

And, as always, if you would like to commission a sculpture for closer to home(!) fill out the form at

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