13 Beautiful Places to See Chainsaw Carved Sculptures in Wales

The Easter holidays are approaching, and for some of you that hopefully gives opportunity to spend some time relaxing.
Maybe you’ll be going on holiday.
Perhaps it’ll be more of a ‘staycation’ finding things to do around your home.
For anyone who is going to be in this neck of the woods this Easter holiday and is wondering what to do, I’ve put together this list of 13 (beautiful!) places to see some of my chainsaw carved sculptures in Wales.
They’re all located in places where there’s plenty of other things for all ages to enjoy too. Perfect for a day out!

If you don’t want to scroll through the whole blog, just go straight to the area you’ll be visiting:

North Wales
Mid Wales
South Wales

Simon O'Rourke's dragon of bethesda, one of his public tree carving sculptures to see this bank holiday weekend

Places to See Chainsaw Carved Sculptures in Wales: The North

1: Maes-y-Pant & Marford Quarry

Maes-y-Pant and Marford Quarry are neighbouring sites of natural beauty and biodiversity on the outskirts of Wrexham. I’ve made several sculptures for Maes Y Pant including Gwyddion the Wizard, Stanley, and a young boy planting a tree. Next door at the quarry is a brand new set of invertebrate sculptures being installed today!

Find parking for Maes-y-Pant HERE and Marford Quarry HERE (you can walk between the sites and don’t need to drive)

Trees for Kids 'Boy Planting Sapling' sculpture by Simon O'Rourke, one of 13 chainsaw carved sculptures to see in wales

2 & 3: Erddig & Plas Power Woods.

Within 15 minutes drive of Maes y Pant and Marford you can be at Plas Power woods, home of Nant Mill visitor centre, beautiful woodland, waterfall… and my King Offa sculpture! If you fancy a visit, find out more at www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/woods/plas-power-woods/

King offa carved into a tree, one of simon o'rourke's chainsaw carved sculptures in Wales

Alternatively, you could head towards Erddig, a National Trust property in Wrexham. The woodland, coffee shop, shop, and gardens are free for anyone, and the house is worth a visit although there is a charge unless you’re a member. There are lots of different walks or bike rides for different abilities, and the gardens are pretty accessible. While you’re there, you can see my wolf sculpture in the wolf’s den play area!

erddig national trust, one of the places to see chainsaw carved sculptures in wales

4: The Plassey

The Plassey is a whole lesiure complex on the outskirts of Wrexham including accomodation, camping, golf, play areas, food, and shopping. And some of my sculptures! A great place for either a stay or a quick visit for some refreshments. To date there’s two knights, an eagle (on the golf course), wildlife pillar, and a dragon. Plan your visit HERE.

wood sculpture of a knight installed at the Plassey in Wrexham, one of Simon O'Rourke's many chainsaw carved sculptures in Wales

5: Prestatyn Sculptures

Moving along the coast, Prestatyn is home to three of my sculptures. Two are installed at the Hillside Gardens Shelter, and the Prestatyn Walker Sculpture is installed at the railway station. Prestatyn has a ‘Walkers are Welcome’ award and is great for both beach or hill lovers.

Prestatyn Walker sculpture photographed at Simon O'Rourke's workshop. The sculpture is a male hiker leaning on a signpost. In the background there are fields.

6: Dragon of Bethesda

Moving further along the coast towards Bangor is the Dragon of Bethesda. It’s on private property in Bethesda, just outside Bangor but there’s a public footpath through the property, and a layby you can park in adjacent to the dragon. There’s also parking in the town about ten minutes from the sculpture. In my opinion, one of the best ways to find something like this sculpture where there’s no specific address is using What3Words: https://what3words.com/rumble.wink.meanders

dragon of bethesda, a 6' dragon carved into oak by simon o'rourke. it's one of many chainsaw carved sculptures in wales

7: Our Lady of Pen Llyn

The next on my list of chainsaw carved sculptures in Wales is Our Lady of Pen Llyn. You’ll find my sculpture of Our Lady of Pen Llyn. You’ll find her in St Peter’s Church, Pwllheli, which happens to be on the stunning Llyn Peninsula. Just make sure you check opening times on the website: www.broenlli.com/en/be_church/st-peters/

Our Lady of Pen Llyn displayed at St Peter's, Pwllheli

8: Abersoch Lighthouse

The last of my sculptures to see in North Wales is brand new! Completed only this week! And also on the Llyn, just 15-20 minutes from the beautiful town of Abersoch. Again, What3Words is the best way to share the location. Find it at https://what3words.com/proposes.newer.aced

And before I move onto Mid Wales, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Northw Wales that happens to have a fire-breathing chainsaw carved sculpture by me, check out The Dragon Tower Holiday Let!

6' cypress carving of a lighthouse, the ground is covered in sawdust as it is freshly made. background is field and bare trees.

Places to See Chainsaw Carved Sculptures in Wales: Mid Wales

9: The Giant Hand of Vyrnwy

The Giant Hand of Vyrnwy is a 50′ sculpture of a hand with a strong environmental message. It’s situated among woodland on the gorgeous Lake Vyrnwy where you’ll find beautiful trails for cycling, horse riding, or walking. Vyrnwy also has stunning views, great places to eat and drink and a wide range of activities. Plan your visit at www.lake-vyrnwy.com/activities.html and find the sculpture itself at www.what3words.com/incline.lingering.pose.

10: Mad Hatter at Pantpurlais

Nestled within mid-Wales you’ll find the Pantpurlais Farm and Lodge, just outside Llandidrod Wells. There are several trails that go through the land, and outside the tea rooms you’ll find my Mad Hatter Sculpture. For walkers, the exact location is: www.what3words.com/fights.unscathed.setting.

chainsaw artist simon o rourke stands in a cherry picker on the left. on the right is the sculpture he is working on - the pantpurlais mad hatter sculpture. the character is carved into a standing ash stump.

11: Elan Valley Sculpture Trail

Visit the beautiful Elan Valley and you’ll get not just one sculpture, but a whole sculpture trail! In 2022 I created a series of sculptures along with Paul Edwards and Matthew Crabbe that reflect the species in the area. Go to https://what3words.com/rift.tree.cornering and walk, drive, or cycle along the road to see them all.

elan valley sculpture trail one of several chainsaw carved sculptures in wales

Chainsaw Carved Sculptures in Wales: The South

12: Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail

If you’re in South Wales and want to enjoy some time outdoors, I recommend taking in my sculpture trail in Fforest Fawr, just outside Caerphilly. The trail includes 12 redwood sculptures that highlights species that used to live in the area. Find out more about the area and plan your visit HERE.

woodland sculpture trails by simon o'rourke. Photo shows a howling wolf in redwood, surrounded by trees. Located in Fforest Fawr.
This wolf forms part of the Fforest Fawr trail.

13: Steak of the Art, Cardiff

If mobility is a challenge or walking and the outdoors is not your thing, number 13 on my list of chainsaw carved sculptures is Wales is the one for you! Visit Steak of the Art in Cardiff and you can sit in my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory booth to enjoy fantastic food and atmosphere. The interior is worth a visit alone, but the food makes it extra worth it! It can get booked up, so especially if you want to sit in the booth, it’s worth booking ahead.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful! And don’t forget, if you do pay any of them a visit, tag me in your photos. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s always good to see how sculptures are ageing and that people are enjoying them!

As always, if you would like to commission a sculpture or would like to know more about what I do, contact me via www.treecarving.co.uk/contact.