A Bespoke James Bond Sculpture for an Amazing Local Charity

My first finished sculpture of this year is a bespoke James Bond sculpture – with a twist. Well, technically it’s a wall hanging, but what’s in a word?! I’ve made it to help raise funds for an incredible local charity, The Movement Centre based at Robert Jones & Agnes Hunto Orthopaedic Hospital. And – something exciting – it could be yours! Keep reading to find out more about The Movement Centre and how you could own this bespoke James Bond sculpture.

james bond sculpture created by simon o'rourke for The Movement Centre Auction. It's a textured panel with a central opening and james bond in silhouette.


Back in October The Movement Centre approached me about donating a sculpture for an auction at their upcoming gala ball. I donated a piece for a previous event and they appreciated not just the piece, but also the experience of watching it being made, so when they began organising the 2024 gala, they reached out again. My brief was simple but with lots of possibilities: the sculpture was to fit in with their James Bond theme.

I decided to make a wall hanging featuring the iconic James Bond silhouette. I used angle grinders, blow torch and two layers of wood to create depth as well as a cool feature I’ve not used before in a piece like this – colour change lights! This means the red background you see in the photos can be changed to match your decor or mood. I’ve used this technique for several pieces before (including these superhero pieces) and they’re always popular on my social media accounts. I hope the attendees at the gala feel the same and bid generously!

james bond logo
I based my sculpture on this iconic James Bond silhouette


So, if this is a findraising piece for The Movement Centre, who and what is it?

The Movement Centre is a charity dedicated to supporting children and their families living with movement dififcultties. They’re based at one of our local hospitals and run a vital service providing specialist children’s physiotherapy. In particular, they focus on Targeted Training Therapy which helps children develop new skills, build independence, and interact more easily with those around them. I think we can all agree that’s a great mission!

The Movement Centre provides its services for free which is important for people to be able to access therapy. That means they rely on donations and need to raise a whopping £250,000 this year alone, so I’m hoping my sculpture makes plenty of money at auction!

My wife (and business partner), Liz delivering the sculpture to The Movement Centre


As I mentioned, the auction for this James Bond sculpture is part of a gala ball The Movement Centre is organising. It’s happening on Friday 26th April and tickets are currently on sale. They cost £65 per person or £650 per table and they’re hoping 200 local business people will attend. There are also a couple of sponsorship opportunities available. If you’re in the Oswestry area and would like to attend or sponsor the event (not limited to locals!), email events@themovementcentre.co.uk. Who knows, maybe yours will be the winning bid!

My James Bond wall hanging lit up with the red lights


If you regularly read my blog you know I always like to include some comments from my clients, not only about the sculpture but also about the process of commissioning the piece. This piece is a little different in that we didn’t chat beyond the initial email and it was a surprise. In more ways than one – but that’s a different story!!!

It’s always a bit of a risk when I create something where the design is a surprise for my client. Thankfully though, they love it! This is what Curtis from The Movement Centre had to say:

…it was a complete surprise, but we love it! It completely fits into our theme of James Bond, and is also a usable piece. I am sure one lucky business person/ James Bond fan will love this in their office!Thank you so much to Simon for his kind support, and time on creating the piece of art!

If you would like to commission a wall hanging or sculpture please fill out the form at www.treecarving.co.uk/contact.