I Pay YOU for helping me find new customers

Calling high quality Tree Surgeons, Garden Designers, Architects and Interior Designers all over the UK

Let’s work together

How it works:

You can be part of an exclusive referral scheme open only to highly respected tree surgeons, landscapers, garden designers, architects and estate managers.

Sculpture commissions start from £5000 and you will get 5% of the total commission on a successful referral.

Your clients are used to high quality work, and that’s why they use you. I want to work with you to provide them with a beautiful sculpture that will give many years of enjoyment.

Architects/Interior Designers:

You are there at the beginning of a project, and can see from the outset where there might be opportunity to have a statement piece that really compliments the surrounding environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

Tree Surgeons:

The great thing about using a tree stump is that you won’t have to deal with shifting large heavy logs off site! Even looking at the face value for firewood, the amount of hours you would spend converting a large log into firewood makes it far more cost effective to leave the stump in the ground.

Garden Designers/Landscapers:

You are there at the beginning of a project, and can see from the outset where there might be opportunity to have a statement piece that really compliments the surrounding landscape.

About Me:

I’ve been a sculptor since 2001, and have completed commissions all over the world. I also used to be a Tree Surgeon.

Simon posing with the Oak Maiden Sculpture

I’m sponsored by Stihl so have a good professional backing, and have worked for clients such as HBO on a promotion for Game of Thrones, and Lord and Lady Carnarvon at Highclere on a war memorial sculpture.

The Client:

The clients are wealthy homeowners and they typically have large gardens, looked after by an estate manager or head gardener.

Some may have smaller properties, but are art lovers and would love the idea of a large centre piece for the garden.

Their gardens are usually very well tended to, and they take pride in the appearance of their outdoor space and indoor space.

They may have an entrance hall that would fit a sculpture as a statement piece.

Not everyone is going to fit the bill, but those who do will be appreciative of the suggestion.

How you can help me, and get paid

Identify Potential Stumps

Identify The Potential

When you’re dealing with clients who have a tree stump of an existing tree, or a tree that may need to be felled for health reasons, it needs to be long lasting, so Oak (Quercus Robur preferred), Sweet Chestnut, Western Red (or other similar Cypress), Redwood, or the true Cedars (preferably Lebanese but Deodar and Blue Atlantic are ok too, they just have a wider sapwood so there’s less heartwood to carve!)

If you’re unsure of the quality of the timber, don’t hesitate to call me or message me.

You will need to take measurements of the tree; diameter at chest height and height of the usable stem.

You’ll need to include the location, and pictures of the tree, which you’ll be able to upload straight to a section on my website that will allow me to track the referral to you, and then I’ll liaise with the client directly.

They may be interested in a standalone sculpture if they do not have a stump of their own or the stump is not viable. I would then source the timber for them, make their sculpture in my workshop and have it delivered to them. This could be for indoors or outdoors.

Send Me A Referral

I’ll send you a link to a private page with a form to fill out. You’ll need to put your name or company into the first box so I know who to pay, and the client’s details into the rest of the form, along with any supporting photographs, measurements, and information I will find useful.

Get Paid A Commission

You’ll get paid when the client pays me for the final invoice on the commission. With a minimum of a £5000 commission, you’ll get a minimum of £250 as a thank you. I really appreciate it when people like you pass my name on, so this is my way of showing it.

How to Get Started

It really quick and easy to get started:

I only need to ask a few basic questions.

“Arrange a call to say Hi”

It’s important that you fully understand more about what I do. I can give you some pointers to help you create introductions for me.

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