My creative process

Realising your vision is at the heart of everything I do.

The process

Here you can see my process from tree to sculpture.

Step 1: Consultation

Finding out what will make you happy is really important. After all, you’ll be seeing this sculpture every day!

Step 2: Design

It’s easy for me to verbalise what I can see in my mind, but not always as easy for you to see it too! I often produce drawings to enable clients to visualise my ideas.

Step 3: Creation

The messy bit! From finding the right piece of timber or preparing your tree stump to remove all the bits that aren’t part of the sculpture, this is the part I love the most. I sometimes film the process as a time-lapse, which you can see on my YouTube channel.

Step 4: Handover

I love watching the reaction on clients faces when they see their sculpture for the first time! You can read some of the reactions on the testimonials page.