Here’s a selection of the many awards I have won.

Competitive sculpture has taught me a lot about completing work to a deadline. I have competed all over the world and although I have placed highly in many events, the most important thing to me is being happy with my own work. I have stepped back from competitions in the last few years but will occasionally jump back in if it means I can spend a weekend with friends and have a huge log to play with!

Competitions can run from a few hours long to several days, and most will have a theme to work to. There is currently no over-arching governing body to create world-wide rules, so anyone can create and run a competition! My own thoughts lean towards competitive art not being a good idea with art being such a subjective thing.

English Open Chainsaw Carving Competition – 2004 3rd place, 2007 1st place, 2008 1st place, 2009 1st place, 2010 2nd place, 2012 2nd place, 2013 2nd place, 2015 1st place, 2021 1st place
Oregon Divisional Carving Competition – 2005 3rd place
Scottish Open – 2006 2nd place, 2007 3rd place
Japan World Chainsaw Competition – 2006 3rd place
Husky Cup Germany – 2007 4th place, 2009 3rd place, 2010 2nd place, 2016 1st place
Chetwynd Chainsaw championships Canada – 2009 3rd place
Chataqua Art Challenge NY – 2012 2nd place